4 Pillars New Brands must communicate to Audiences

Q: What are the core aspects that a brand needs to communicate in order to reach its target attention – specially when launching a new product or brand?

A: The key to any successful brand lies in one word of the question asked. That word is “core”. Several times we see companies drifting into very specific tactics and aspects before setting up the essential pillars around which your brand need to embrace and tell the world. To any startup or company that is launching a new product, the advises is always the same: do your research, keep everytjing simple and follow these 4 steps:

1. Be clear about your business

Take a few moments of your time to set up your mission and express it through marketing. Your goal can be just making profit by selling your products, but your target doesn’t really care about it. What they really want to know is the problem you are offering solution, how you will make them feel better, and what’s on it for them. Branding isn’t about being cool. As Mark Zuckerberg once said, “Facebook has always tried to do something useful, so i think about value exchange.”

2. Be different from other companies

When a brand strategy is designed for a client, one of the most important areas to focus on is the competitive analysis. It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of branding, which not also brings much discussion with the client, as came up great ideas from brainstorming. If you don’t know who your competitors are, how can you persuade your target to buy your product or service instead of theirs? If you don’t foresee your opponent’s moves, how can you be 2 steps ahead from them? Showing how you are different gives your clients a reason to dig deeper and grow to like your brand.

3. Be memorable

Now that you have shown why your brand is so useful and different, you need to stick it into people’s head so they can buy from you and keep coming back to your business. The idea is to create an amazing experience across your whole business. This means building an internal company culture that reflects your brand and making people want to work for you. Furthermore, this means building a digital experience across all social network and video channel that people want to share. Thinking about every step a costumer takes for purchasing a product of yours and how that experience can be socially awesome.

4. Make it personal.

Social and digital media gave consumers unprecedented access granted to information that brings them closer to a brand and allows a more informed choice, which is why not encourage “old school” people in your company to change to digital, to get closer to consumers who really want to interact with a real living person. A positive social media policy starts at the top. By persuading tour team workers to create personal brands on networks, you are closing the loop on a company branding strategy that unequivocally shows that you are placing the costumer first and you intend to engage into a lifetime trust with your audience.

Simplicity is the key for any branding strategy. Overthinking can expose your brand as being muddy and messy. An approach that articulates your company’s mission, that relentlessly seeks to engage costumers in a memorable way and that has a keen eye on the competition, will set any business off to a great start. By adding a personal touch and having your team leading forward through its digital footprints, it will allow to speed you company up on the way to success.

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