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Criação de aplicações mobile

IOS and Android Mobile Apps

Apps addressing your brand's best interests
We design user-friendly and creative Mobile Apps

Our development team build scalable and reliable mobile apps solutions to enhance your business resources. App development embed with cutting edge technology such as IA, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and others…

We ensure the costumer success by delivering strong, high quality software products aligned to your business goals.

We also deploy the upgrade of applications embed with other services and improvements to current apps.

Experts in native and cross-platform application development.
Market-leading innovation with advanced integration
Outstanding custom features and solutions
High coding standards with specialized developers.
Dedicated support team and post-sales assistance
Cloud-based integrations and implementations
Criação de aplicações IOS

iOS App Development

iOS application is well known for its improved native experience and Mixlife delivers proper solutions that brings that same experience to your apps. We design reliable iOS apps which attend to all system’s requirements and security.
We develop iOS apps involving:

iOS UI / UX Design for a consistent experience across all Apple devices.
Customization of features and development of tailored application.
Advanced iOS testing with quality assurance.
External integrations with custom APIs.
Implementation on Apple devices.
Optimized deliver through improved CI/CD methods.

Android App Development

We design Android Apps driven by evolving and innovative architectures. We can customize a digital solution that can be the perfect fit to your business needs.
We design independent, native, web-based or database-driven high-tech applications.

Well-defined process flow and smart development strategies.
Highly secured apps that align with all major data regulations.
A dedicated team that works as part of your company.
Rigorous testing with the best quality control practices.
Deployments to devices in Android systems.
Cloud-based integrations and customized tools.
Desenvolvimento de aplicações Android

Hybrid Apps Development.

Hybrid apps development evolves web-based services in apps that offer native features and capabilities. We design interacting and engaging apps on different platforms.
We develop custom reusable components acording to your business goals.

UI/UX responsive design to a greater user engagement.
Native features compatible across multiple operating systems.
Prototyping and testing hybrid applications.
Simplified implementations with CI/CD approach.
Version update and feature addiction support.
Integration of external services according to your business goals.

UI/UX Mobile App Design

Responsive and engaging design solutions, beyond user retention to deliver an exclusive user experience for higher conversion rates.

Backend development

Back-end development

An experienced team of developers who ensure a scalable, secure, and strong architecture to your apps.

QA, Suporte e manutenção

Q&A, Support and Maintenance.

Developers who deliver high performance applications. With our support team, count with instant error recovery to your applications.

Evolução da aplicação mobile

Mobile App Evolution

Innovative mobile experiences by entering cutting edge technology and expanding the capabilities of business operations.

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