Annex I of the Privacy Policy

Annex I of the

This document serves to offer specific and complementary information to the privacy policy, in this case, about partners used by Mixlife, in communication, social networks and Google tools.

Within the scope of this legal information support document, the following will be considered:

Website or online page: Website on the internet.

Cookies: Small file that is incorporated into the electronic device of those who visit us through our online platforms with the aim of being able, in the future, to identify that device. This file does not contain any personal data and is used exclusively for security, statistical and promotional purposes. Acceptance of cookies by the user is optional, and non-acceptance may result in the inability to access some areas of the website or receive individualized information.

Ecommerce: Electronic commerce, that is, any type of commerce that concerns purchases made entirely and through online pages.

Feed: Source of information or data that is used from and for different media, enabling frequent and almost synchronous content updating.

Javascript: Programming language used mainly for programming websites.

Lead: Potential customer or contact who shows interest in a specific service or product.

Lead Generation: nomenclature used mainly in the marketing area to describe the process of obtaining leads.

LinkedIn Insight Tag: javascript code added to a website that allows conversion tracking to be carried out, obtaining additional information from users who interact with ads or redirecting them to a website.

Facebook Pixel: Inclusion, in the website header, of some lines of code specific to Facebook, in order to, through these, obtain information about actions carried out by its visitors and users of that website, and thus be able to optimize the content of the advertisements on this social network directing them to the target audience.

Sponsored Content: Ads on the LinkedIn social network are similar to non-sponsored content, but appear with the express indication that it is advertising.

Script: Fragment of code, which, in context, when added to a website, allows analysis of its usability and the collection of statistical data regarding advertising effectiveness.

Snippet: Nomenclature specifies that it refers to a small area or fragment of reusable source code.

Tags: Language structure used for tagging with brief instructions for this purpose.

Tracking Conversion: Name given to conversion tracking, which is the ability to capture and report completed conversions. Whereas a conversion refers us to the action or group of actions that a visitor performs on a specific website or mobile application.

UniqueI Identifier: This is a unique identifier, that is, a line of characters, which can be used to identify a browser, application or device.

Web beacons: Small files, such as “pixels”, or “script tags” or “image tags”, which, when added to websites, make it possible, in conjunction with cookies, to distinguish users anonymously, producing anonymous data on the behavior of these users .

Specific considerations by communication and advertising categories:

From the social networks FACEBOOK group:

1 – Facebook Pixel:

1.1 – Mixlife uses it to:

  1. Obtain information about the actions carried out on our websites, in order to enable the optimization of the relevance of the content produced and our Facebook ads;
  2. Monitor the actions that take place on our websites – events – whether these are; triggered by advertisements (paid) or organic content (unpaid);
  3. Combined with exclusive and third-party cookies, reach more customers through Facebook;
  4. Achieve greater accuracy in measurements and analytical reports.

1 .2 – Through and with Píxel, Mixlife:

  • It collects statistics associated with visits to its websites, namely: traffic source, devices used to access, demographic data, actions carried out on our websites such as purchases, page views, among others. In this way, we use the advertising features available: audiences, conversions, target audience definition and optimization, as well as data from Facebook Data Analysis.
  • Added lines of code to register standard Pixel events. Events refer to actions that occur on the website. We have configured standard events predefined by Facebook and which are available at .

The Form for campaigns with the objective of Generating Leads includes due guidance to this Privacy Policy, defining the objective of data collection and its purpose. 

This time, the data obtained is unable to be imported into the Mixlife infrastructure.

2 – Sharing personal data with Facebook and family of products 

I – In these terms and contexts, the following are defined by Facebook:

  • Contact Information, considering it as information that identifies people, such as: names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers, being used only for correspondence purposes. Facebook will hash Contact Information via a Facebook javascript pixel for matching purposes prior to transmission.  
  • Event Data – includes information shared, namely, but not exhaustively: about actions carried out on websites (e.g. visits and purchases of products). This information is used for statistical and measurement purposes and to prepare campaign effectiveness reports. Facebook grants a non-transferable, non-exclusive license that provides us with data for statistical purposes specifically and solely for internal commercial analysis purposes, but in an aggregated and completely anonymous form.  

II – Knowing that Facebook will be able to:

  • Process Event Data in order to enable the creation of audiences (including Website Custom Audiences and Offline Custom Audiences), which are used to define the target audience for advertising campaigns;
  • Use matched user IDs and associated event data to make it easier to reach more users with commercial messages through Messenger or other products from the same company or group.
  • Use event data, including ads and complaints, to personalize both features and content displayed to users within and outside the Facebook group family of products.
  • It uses event data, after aggregation, to optimize the publication of events with other data collected from other advertisers or Facebook products. The data collected is not permitted to be used by other advertisers or third parties to define the target audience for their advertisements.

3 – Facebook’s obligations and commitments:

Facebook and Instagram share infrastructure, systems and technologies with other companies in the group, which include WhatsApp and Oculus.

In compliance with the Data processing policy, upon termination of the applicable product terms, you may delete any personal data as soon as reasonably possible, with a maximum period of 180 days, unless otherwise validly provided by law.

From the LINKEDIN social network: 

Mixlife uses LinkedIn organically and in ads.

With regard to “ Sponsored Content ”, this type of advertisement, being similar to non-sponsored content, appears duly identified, for this reason you should know that, when carrying out a social action, such as liking, commenting or sharing, these advertisements, their action, being associated with your profile, it will be visible to third parties, including the advertiser. Also, depending on your settings, when you perform a social action on LinkedIn services, it may be mentioned in related ads.

When viewing or clicking on a particular ad, inside or outside LinkedIn services, the advertiser may receive an indication of a visit and, through cookie mechanisms, obtain information about which user did so. This way, it is possible for the advertiser to associate personal data collected through interactions with advertisements, with hashed identifiers or with device identifiers, with express consent being obtained for this.

A – LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn serves personalized ads on and off its services. The platform targets ads, measuring their performance, for its members, visitors and others inside and outside its services, directly or through a variety of partners, using the following data separately or combined:

  • Data from advertising technologies inside and outside your services such as: pixels, advertising tags, cookies and device identifiers;
  • Information provided by users;
  • Usage data for your services;
  • Information from advertising partners, suppliers and channels;
  • Information inferred from the data described above.

B – Lead generation forms used in advertisements:

LinkedIn assumes responsibility for compliance with the Data Protection Regulation regarding the targeting and tracking of advertisements targeted at its users. The Form includes due guidance to this Privacy Policy, defining the objective of data collection and its purpose. The data obtained is thus able to be imported into the Mixlife infrastructure.

C – Methodology:

Governed by principles of self-regulation of interest-based advertising, LinkedIn provides options for deactivating ads, but this does not mean that the user will no longer receive all of them, as all advertisers who do not use tools are excluded from these deactivation options. of regulation. 

LinkedIn's privacy policy informs that it will not share any personal data with advertisers or ad networks except in cases where there is: 

  • Device or hashed identifiers, to the extent that these may or may not be considered personal data;
  • User permission duly obtained for the purpose.
  • Data already visible to users of LinkedIn services (e.g. profile). 

How to use Mixlife:

We use the LinkedIn Insight Tag ( javascript ) added to our websites, thus enabling us to track conversions, redirect customers, as well as obtain additional information from users who interact with ads.

The tag allows the collection of data about users' visits to our website, including URL, referrer, IP address, device and browser ( User Agent ) and timestamp . IP addresses are truncated or encoded (when used to reach users on different devices), users' direct identifiers are removed, so that they are anonymized, within a maximum of seven days, according to LinkedIn's privacy policy . The remaining pseudonymized data is deleted within 180 days.


Data collection and privacy settings:

Google collects data in order to optimize the user experience and provide the best service to each user. To do this, it uses, in particular, but not exclusively, the collection of individual identifiers, linked to the browser, application or device. The information collected by Google, and the way in which it is used, depends on the user's privacy settings, and may

collect more or less information depending on what you allow to share. Most of Google's services are intrinsically linked to user authorization, that is, the user ends up relaxing the restrictions of their privacy settings in order to be able to use services that are useful to them. You can and should consult all the information in Google's Privacy and Terms of Service .


 Google also uses different types of cookies on external or third-party websites that use or use its tools, as well as in advertising-related products, which are duly specified in its Privacy and Terms of Use.

Final considerations 

As this Annex is specific to providing specific information on the use of social networks and Google tools, considering the terms, rights and duties arising from Regulation (EU) 2016/679, transcribed into Portuguese law by Law no. 58/2019, Mixlife's visitors, users and customers understand and accept that, for the purposes of providing statistical, measurement and correspondence services, Mixlife is responsible for data processing within the scope in which this regulation obliges it, with regard to the processing of this data We have appointed Facebook Ireland Limited, LinkedIn Corporation and Google as our subcontractors.

This subcontracting is governed in accordance with what is abbreviated and simplified here and which can be found further at: 0cHM6Ly9wYXltZW50cy5nb29nbGUuY29tOjQyOTQ.&sri=-21

Of law 

This annex to Mixlife's PRIVACY POLICY respects the provisions of applicable legislation on privacy and processing of personal data. In this sense, it may be reviewed at any time due to changes in the policies of its subcontractors listed here, as well as the addition of new subcontractors. It may also be revised in response to compliance with the legal regulations that support it, as well as the recommendations of national and international entities competent in the matter.

When there are changes to this annex that alter its version, customers – CONTRACTORS – will be notified via general email.

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