Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

1 – What are Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is placed on the computer of anyone who visits us through our online platforms and serves to identify the computer in question. These files do not contain any personal information and are used exclusively for security reasons, statistical and promotional purposes. However, if you choose not to activate cookies on the website it may result in the inability to access some areas of the website or receive personalized information.

Pursuant to Law No. 41/2004 of August 18, the storage of information and the possibility of accessing information stored on a user's terminal equipment (namely through cookies) are only carried out by Mixlife if the user has given the your prior and express consent to the installation of cookies on your device.

If the use of cookies is blocked or not authorized, no cookie will be stored on your equipment, however, the full functioning of our website will not be guaranteed as the user may be prevented from taking full advantage of the content available. For security, you will be asked for your authorization each time you access our website.

2 – What Cookies Do We Use

Essential Cookies:

  • Technical Cookies
    These are session, identification, configuration and registration cookies, strictly necessary to identify and provide the requested services.
    The information obtained through them is processed only by Mixlife.
  • Analysis Cookies:
    These are collection cookies for data analysis in order to improve the provision of products or services, allowing us, graphically, to quantify the number of users in order to enable a statistical analysis of the use of the service offered.

    This is data processed by us or third parties (Google Analytics).

Mixlife also uses:

  • Functionality Cookies:
    These are cookies that help personalize and optimize the experience of using our websites based on the activities of previous sessions.
  • Performance Cookies:
    These are cookies that help us determine the origin of visits by users of our websites. These cookies allow us, based on analysis of previous activities, to communicate to users potentially interested in our services. The information collected through this type of cookies allows us to analyze in which ways our online advertisements are most effective.
  • Targeting Cookies:
    These cookies allow us to present personalized ads through the Google Display Network, allowing us to optimize the experience based on previous visits to our website.
  • Social Networks / Remarketing Cookies:
    These cookies allow us to present personalized advertisements through social networks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or others, and Google, allowing us to optimize the experience based on previous visits to our websites.

3 – How to disable a Cookie

Most browsers show how to configure the browser to allow or disallow the use of Cookies. To control the use of Cookies, configure them through your browser.

4 – How to configure Cookies in different browsers?







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