Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Conditions


Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Conditions

1 – General Data:

1.1 All words or expressions listed below must be interpreted according to their respective meaning:

Description Name
 RRTDRegistration, renewal and transfer of Domains;
RDDomain Registration;
RnDDomain Renewal;
TDDomain Transfer;
TLDDomain Extension;
ccTLDCountry Domain Extensions;
gTLDGeneric Domain Extensions
ngTLDNew Domain extensions;
.PTAll domains with .pt extensions (including;;; etc…);
PUAAcceptable Use Policy
CGPTisp's general service conditions published on its website;
CE/RRTDSpecific conditions for registration, renewal and transfer of domains;
myMixlifePrivate area for managing services, customer data, billing, etc…;
RegisterOfficial entity promoting domain registrationx;
Authcode or EPP codeCode that the registrar assigns when the domain is registered. This code is like a password, it guarantees that only the domain owner can transfer it.

1.2 These conditions must be attached and combined with the general conditions of service provision, hereinafter CG, available at and the Acceptable Use Policy, hereinafter PUA, available at the same address.

1.3 If the combination of these specific conditions, hereinafter CE/RRTD, and the CG results in a contradiction, the former must prevail over the latter, thus safeguarding the specificity of the RRTD service.

2 – Reading, accepting and complying with these CE/RRTD does not relieve the CONTRACTOR of the obligation to consult and comply with the specific rules for registration, renewal and transfer of domains in their respective TLD.

3 – Subjects and object:

3.1 These CE/RRTD are intended to legally govern the terms and conditions under which the provision of the RRTD will take place, by Mixlife, Lda, headquartered at Estrada Nacional, 3, Constância Shopping 9 C– 2250-028 Constância with no. Tax Identification: 502 665 696, hereinafter referred to by its registered trademark Mixlife numbered 399677, and the subscriber of the services, hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR.

3.2 Within the scope of these specific conditions, the RRTD subscribed by the CONTRACTOR on the Mixlife online page and which will be added to their customer file on myMixlife is understood as contracted Service(s).

3.3 With confirmation of the subscription form, the CONTRACTOR expressly accepts, without reservations or reservations, any and all of these clauses, the CG and the AUP.

3.4 Hereby and under these terms, Mixlife undertakes to provide the contracted RRTD in a diligent and responsible manner.

4 – Service provision:

4.1 The customer will have to, in due course, create a customer file or make an existing one available where the SERVICE(s) will be added by the contracted party.

4.2 With regard to myMixlife, the access and management processes will be those established in the GC, except in the case of any specific specificity that must be expressly indicated to the CONTRACTING PARTY.

4.3 Service and support to the CONTRACTOR is governed by the terms of the CG. Support for the Contractor is available on weekdays from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (telephone, support tickets submitted through the Customer Area and Live Chat) and on weekends from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (support tickets). Infrastructure support and monitoring is available 24/7.

4.4 Mixlife does not guarantee internet security nor assumes any responsibility for information, computer programs, services or any other materials that the CONTRACTING PARTY may obtain via the internet, except for those contracted with Mixlife.

4.5 The CONTRACTOR is fully responsible for complying with applicable legislation regarding the use of the service and advertising of content.

4.6 The CONTRACTOR is also responsible for ensuring that what is described in 4.5 is equally complied with by its guests, workers, collaborators, administrators, representatives who have access to or manage the RRTD service under its auspices or permission.

5 – THE CONTRACTOR understands and accepts:

5.1 Communications made between Mixlife and the Contractor will be carried out by email to the email address(es) provided for myMixlife contact details, safeguarding all communications that, by law, provide for another form.

5.2 To change or add more email addresses to myMixlife, you must do so on the Profile page of your reserved area or you can request it by email to [email protected] from the authorized email address. If it is impossible to access the authorized email address and/or customer area, you must go through the authorized email change process as described in our Terms and Conditions. Make sure you are authorized to add third-party contacts, as they will be contacted by email to confirm acceptance, and only upon this confirmation will they become authorized contacts.

5.3 Mixlife can only control the systems that are part of its network, therefore it cannot guarantee, at all times, a flawless provision of RRTD, nor guarantee the total and permanent technical quality of connection to all networks that support other equipment , programs or systems that are not under the direct control of Mixlife.

5.4 Mixlife reserves the right to suspend any or all of the services contracted hereunder if the CONTRACTOR fails to comply with any of its obligations or responsibilities in these stipulated clauses, AUP and CG.

5.5 Mixlife will be forced to suspend any or all of the services contracted herein if requested to do so by court or by an authority empowered to do so.

5.6 In the cases provided for in 5.4 and 5.5, Mixlife, before suspending the service, if it is not urgent for preventive reasons, will notify the CONTRACTOR via email in accordance with 5.1 and 5.2, that the service will be suspended in a within 24 hours if the situation is not regularized by the CONTRACTOR.

5.7 Pursuant to 5.4, when there is a need, as a preventive measure, to immediately suspend the service in question, the CONTRACTOR will be notified, in the same way, but after suspension of the service and will remain so until the situation is regularized.

5.8 The CONTRACTOR must ensure compliance with the law and what is stipulated and published on the Mixlife page as prohibited, as well as what is listed in the PUA.

5.9 The PUA is subject to permanent changes required by law, as well as those required to maintain the quality of the Mixlife service.

6 – Regarding RR:

a) Mixlife is not responsible for writing, changing or updating the specific rules of domain TLDs, these being the sole responsibility of entities that are completely unrelated to it;

b) Mixlife is obliged to comply with and enforce the specific rules of the domain TLDs imposed on it;

c) Mixlife cannot exhaustively safeguard all the specific domain registration rules regarding the numerous TLDs available on the market, placing those that are possible for online consultation on its page.

Mixlife informs that there are names that, due to their specificity, are considered premium domains and that for this reason have a registration value higher than the base value available in our price table. This information is only available when registration is completed, so Mixlife reserves the right not to proceed with the registration process if the amount paid by the customer is not in accordance with the specificity attributed to a domain considered premium.

d) Taking into account paragraph 2.3 of these CE/RRTD, the CONTRACTOR declares that it is their responsibility to research and provide information on the specific rules to which the TLD they want is subject to.

e) By subscribing to a domain, the CONTRACTOR declares to have prior knowledge of all the specific rules inherent to the TLD he chose, scrupulously complying with its requirements and understands and accepts that, in order to provide the registration, renewal or transfer service of domains, Mixlife will have to subcontract and, therefore, send the necessary data to external service providers, based in the EU, outside the EU, specifically the USA or registry/y in the country of origin of the ccTLD chosen by the CONTRACTOR.

f) Once the CE/RRTD service has been subscribed and the domain has been registered as requested by the customer, there is no right to regret under the terms of article 17c) DL no. 24/2014, of 14 February.

g) The customer is obliged to keep the contact details available in the WHOIS database for their domain updated.

h) The domain registration holder is free to change the entity that manages it at any time, but understands and accepts that whenever the domain holder's data changes, the new data will be sent to external service providers, based in the EU, outside the EU, specifically US or registrar/y from the ccTLD's country of origin.

i) Through myMixlife, and unless extensions do not allow it, the customer will be able to manage the domain, namely changing contacts, changing DNS and obtaining EPP-key.

j) It is the customer's responsibility to provide technical data for configuring and naming the domain. At no time can Mixlife be held responsible for failures resulting from the lack of technical information, known as DNS servers. Therefore , it cannot be held responsible for the action of renaming domain names, which, being configured in the Mixlife DNS cluster, in a non-cumulative manner, are: in an inactive state; without responding with any content; transferred or legitimately claimed by third parties and have not been voluntarily removed from the cluster by the CONTRACTOR.

k) After payment of the RD, if due to lack of knowledge of the rules or requirements of the TLD chosen by the CONTRACTOR, the domain cannot be registered, Mixlife is exempt from any responsibility.

l) Under the terms of the previous paragraph, Mixlife will return the amount without any procedure or fee through credit to a current account, or, by bank transfer after completing the legal procedures related to invoicing and reserving the right to charge an administrative fee of 5% of the amount to be returned.

m) To comply with paragraph 6 l) for Mixlife to make the return, the CONTRACTING PARTY must request the return from an authorized email indicating, for due purposes, the NIB to which the return must be made, the name of the holder of the same and a valid email for notification.

7 – Regarding RnD:

a) – Mixlife will send you an email warning that your domain is about to expire 30/15/5 days before the date of your last payment in this regard. An email will also be sent to you the day before the day the domain expires.

b) – Mixlife warns that depending on the TLD of your domain, the renewal date may be daily or monthly, so the CONTRACTOR must familiarize themselves with the rules of their TLD to ensure that payment is made on time.

c) – If the CONTRACTOR does not take into account what is expressed in paragraph 7 b) and the domain is not renewed in a timely manner, Mixlife is exempt from any responsibility.

d) – The domain expires on the exact scheduled date, which could be the date of initial registration or the last day of the month of registration.

e) – The date indicated by Mixlife for renewing the RnD service, in cases of domain expiration date different from the registration date, may not be exact.

f) – Under the terms of the previous paragraph, Mixlife is available to provide this information to the CONTRACTING PARTY when and if requested.

g) – In accordance with the provisions of paragraphs f) and g) if the CONTRACTOR's lack of knowledge results in the domain not being renewed in a timely manner, Mixlife is exempt from any responsibility.

h) – If the domain proposed for renewal expires without timely payment being made, it will expire.

i) – If the domain proposed for renewal expires without timely payment being made, it will expire.

j) – Domains, depending on the TLD (.com, .net, .fr,…), can only be renewed for the same value until the expiration date. After the expiration date, the domain status is changed and, in the case of TLDs in which the status becomes “Redemption Period”, the recovery value applies, upon request via [email protected] .

k) – Reactivating your domain may take between 24 and 48 business hours, once the reactivation order has been given.

l) – Reactivation of domains has a specific period of time in which it is possible. This period may depend on the TLD.

m) – It is the CONTRACTING PARTY’s responsibility, if they wish to reactivate the domain:

1 – Know the possible reactivation period and request it within that period;

2 – Include in the period above the time relating to full compliance with the payment and payment validation procedures provided for in the GC;

3 – Pay your fee and renewal amount on time;

4 – Wait for the reactivation procedure.

n) – After the renewal and reactivation period, the domain may be left for new registration.

o) – It is not guaranteed that the domain will be registered, since registering entities can, if they wish, keep the domain in their possession.

p) – In both cases set out in paragraphs j), k), l) and m) there is no responsibility on the part of Mixlife when the customer has not made timely payment of the amount due for renewal and/or reactivation fee.

q) – In cases where the domain is left for registration, Mixlife cannot guarantee the CONTRACTOR that it will be able to register it again, particularly in cases of priority registration.

r) – After payment of the RnD, if due to lack of knowledge of the rules or renewal requirements on the part of the CONTRACTOR, the domain cannot be renewed or reactivated, Mixlife is exempt from any responsibility.

s) – Under the terms of the previous paragraph, Mixlife will return the amount without any procedure or fee through credit to a current account, or, by bank transfer after completing the legal procedures related to invoicing and

reserving the right to charge an administrative fee of 5% on the amount to be returned.

t) – To comply with paragraph s) for Mixlife to make the return, the CONTRACTOR must request the return from an authorized email indicating, for the appropriate purposes, the NIB to which the return must be made, the name of the holder and a valid email for notification.

8 – Regarding the TD.

8.1 Requirements for Transfer:

a) – To carry out the TD, the CONTRACTOR must have the Authcode or EPP code in their possession.

b) – Whether transferring the domain from Mixlife or to Mixlife, the CONTRACTOR is solely responsible for acquiring their Authcode or EPP code.

c) – For domains with TLD .pt, the CONTRACTOR will have to have the transfer key or access data for the online management of the domain.

d) – To access the transfer key and process number of a .pt TLD you must look for it in the management area at , and you can access this area through the data that DNS itself sent to you at the time domain registration, and if you don't have or know them, you can recover them on the .

e) – For domains with a generic TLD, the CONTRACTOR must ensure that:

1 – The Domain is unlocked.

2 – You have access to the administrative contact email indicated for the domain, (email address where the recipient of the transfer will send an email for the transfer to be authorized.)

3 – Private Whois or Theft Protection is deactivated.

f) – The items listed in 8.1 only serve as guidance to the CONTRACTING PARTY and do not relieve them of the obligation to search for and consult all the information necessary for the transfer of their domain and specifically the respective TLD.

g) – In the sense of the previous paragraph, Mixlife cannot be held responsible for lack of information or deficient information, making it perfectly clear to the CONTRACTING PARTY that it is their sole responsibility to acquire the information they may need.

8.2 TD restrictions:

a) – It will not be possible to transfer your domain if:

1 – registered your domain less than 60 days ago.

2 – you transferred your domain from another registrar less than 60 days ago.

3 – your domain is in locked status by the current registrar.

4 – your domain has Private Whois activated.

5 – your domain is suspended by your registrar.

6 – your domain has already expired at the old registrar.

7 – you do not have access to the domain’s administrative contact email address.

b) – If, due to lack of knowledge, of what is listed in paragraph 8.2 a) or other rules preventing the transfer, the CONTRACTING PARTY sees their transfer request frustrated, there is no responsibility on the part of Mixlife.

c) – Under the terms of the previous paragraph, if the CONTRACTOR has made the payment relating to the transfer and this has not been carried out due to the CONTRACTOR's lack of knowledge of the transfer rules, and therefore the domain cannot be transferred, Mixlife exempts bear any responsibility.

d) – Under the terms of the previous paragraph, Mixlife will return the amount without any procedure or fee through credit to a current account, or, by bank transfer after completing the legal procedures related to invoicing and reserving the right to charge an administrative fee of 5% of the amount to be returned.

e) – To comply with paragraph d) for Mixlife to make the return, the CONTRACTOR must request the return from an authorized email indicating, for due purposes, the NIB to which the return must be made, the name of the holder and a valid email for notification.

8.3 The transfer of the Domain after being accepted by the administrative contact takes an average of 4 to 5 days to complete, and it is not possible during this period to change the DNS on the domain.

9 – Duration, change and end of the RRTD benefit:

9.1 The provision of the RRTD will last for the duration established by the customer at the time of subscription.

9.2 The obligation to provide the RRTD is renewed under the same terms, as established in point 7 of this CE/RRTD if the contractor pays the price indicated in the notification email.

9.3 Once the provision of the RRTD has begun, there is no need to terminate the contract, except in the case of repeated non-compliance with the present conditions, the CG and the PUA, as well as the cases provided for by law.

10 – Communications, Law and Forum:

10.1 Communications:

10.1.1 – For the purposes of service within the scope of legal action, namely aimed at fulfilling pecuniary obligations arising from the subscription to this service, the parties agree on the address indicated in the act of subscription as the address for the form of the

Customers area.

10.1.2 – The CONTRACTING PARTY is obliged, as already stipulated in the GC, to communicate any change to the indicated address, and, for the purposes of notification, if it does not do so within a maximum period of thirty days, it will run the risk of being considered mentioned in the address contained in the customer area file.

10.1.3 – Mixlife reserves the right, at any time, to present changes to these conditions, as long as it notifies the CONTRACTING PARTY five days in advance, via email.

10.1.4 – If the CONTRACTOR understands the changes referred to in 10.1.3 as sufficient reason to terminate this contract, they may do so, but only when these changes conflict with the usual way in which the service subscribed is being provided by Mixlife to the CONTRACTOR.

10.2 – Law and Forum:

10.2.1 – Mixlife is not subject to the obligation to monitor the information that the CONTRACTING PARTY transmits or stores through it, nor can it be held responsible for this, under the terms of DL nº 7/2004 of January 7th.

10.2.2 – The declaration of nullity, invalidity or ineffectiveness of one of the clauses of these CERTRD by a legally recognized Court does not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining clauses and the maintenance of the contract.

10.2.3 – In the case provided for in 9.2.2, the maintenance of the contract regarding the defective part is subject to the applicable supplementary rules, with recourse, if necessary, to the rules for the integration of legal transactions, as provided for in art. 16th/2 of DL no. 446/85, of October 25th.

10.2.4 – When the provisions of 9.2.3 are not used or, when their use results in an imbalance of services that seriously undermines good faith, it will be in force, in accordance with article 14 of DL no. 446/85 , of October 25th, the regime for the reduction of legal transactions.

10.2.5 – To resolve any dispute, which is so provided for, the provisional dispute resolution provided for in article 18 DL 7/2004 of 7 January must be taken into account.

10.2.6 – The CONTRACTING PARTY must be aware that, when subscribing to the RRTD service with Mixlife, they are also committing themselves, in the event of a conflict with .pt domain names, to preferably resort to institutionalized voluntary arbitration, provided for and regulated in Law 63/2011 of 14 December, with the Arbitration Center for Industrial Property, Domain Names, Firms and Denominations – Arbitrare having been specifically designated for this purpose.

10.2.7 – For the resolution of disputes between the parties that cannot be resolved according to 10.2.5 and 10.2.6, only the court in the district of Abrantes should be considered competent.

10.2.8 – The provision of the RRTD is governed by the present CP/RRTD, CG and other Portuguese legislation.

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