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Our digital marketing and communication strategies are proven in how they increase traffic and customer interest in the business. We produce results-oriented strategies that deliver true value for your business.

Market Research

Market research is at the core of our consulting and marketing work as it gives us crucial information on consumer behavior and trends in your target market. With our information capture techniques and web traffic metrics, we are able to not only identify the main market segments, but also their main online behaviors.

Competition Analysis

Understanding your competition in the market and realizing, in which aspects this is having a better performance than your company, is an essential component in the construction of your business strategy. We identify your key competitors, your online and offline strategies to understand where and how to focus your communication efforts.

Data Analysis

Many digital marketing technicians analyze data in the blank and test theories and implement SEO techniques in the hope of getting results. At Mixlife, our digital marketing team works with designers and developers to make better informed decisions – from changing call-to-call titles to optimizing the speed and navigation of your site.

Content Strategy

Our market and competition research allow us to develop an information architecture and a way forward so that we can confidently identify and create all the elements and contents related to marketing campaigns, web pages or other platforms. In addition, everything that is created is monitored, tested and updated.

Message and Communication

To create a strong market presence and recognition, it is necessary to have an established brand, able to convey a coherent message among the various services and products offered. We guide our customers to create a strong, focused identity that can be immediately recognized by their customers for the unique features they have.

Technical Planning

Before moving from theory to practice, it is necessary to create guidance documents that can guide the whole structure of the company, focusing all employees on the proposed objective. Mixlife provides all the necessary material and supports the level of management in order to coordinate all the efforts of the organization in achieving the objectives outlined in the strategy plan.

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