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A Powerful Tool

In Digital Marketing, Adwords is one of the most powerful advertising tools in the market. Place an ad on google search and partner networks (such as youtube or mobile devices) and reach a marketplace of millions of potential customers from around the world. With pay-per-click, pay-per-view only.

Ad Pay Per Click Only
Possibility of customizing target audience
Maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the cost / result ratio
Campaign Performance Detailed Reports
Costs controlled according to your budget
Careful management for maximum price-per-click monetization

Reach the top

Search engine marketing is the process aimed at optimizing and spreading a website so as to appear well placed in search engine results like Google. They are essential tools that we use to index your site in search engines and maximize your position in search results.

What does it consist in?

  • Creating backlinks – creating links to your page with quality and relevant content spread across the most diverse and authoritative web sites such as social networks, BLOGs, RSS feeds, Wikis, directories, forums, google places, etc. .
  • Meta Keywords Optimization – elements that help search engines understand the content and context of your site, the key words that are present in the title and description of the site.
  • .Xml Sitemap creation – a protocol that allows the Webmaster to inform search engines about links to a website that are available for indexing. It increases the ability to search pages within a website by the search engine.
  • Social Signals – attract social traffic to your site, discover which social networks are most used by your users and create strategies for sharing social signals.
  • Periodic reports – using Google Analytics and other analytics tools, we produce comprehensive periodic reports to inform you of the status and evolution of your website’s performance.

Massive Marketing

Sending an attractive, simple, focused newsletter to a selected audience remains one of the best ways to promote a specific product or service. After hundreds of campaigns and several years of experience, we believe we have the right formula and method to boost your online presence.

Up to 2000 sends / month
Custom newsletter creation
Submission to specific audiences
Detailed reporting of campaign performance

The Future of Communication

Being on social networks is essential for a strong online presence. In addition to being able to communicate directly with potential customers, the message reaches the entire audience instantly.

It is also a great way of sharing content and viral campaigns (youtube, twitter, facebook, etc.), which can exponentially increase your visibility in a short time.

Facebook, instagram and twitter account management with article creation
Periodical publications and community management
Creation of promotional videos for youtube
Engagement Metrics Reporting

We provide a personalized and complete service of digital marketing, so as to satisfy all your needs and increase the notoriety of your business. Do not be left behind by the competition and build a strong online presence.

Relevant Content and Quality

On the internet there are 3 very important aspects to be recognized: Content, Content and Content. The content you share, texts, images and videos are what your customers and visitors see from your company or brand. They are the first and most important impact that gets recorded in the mind of those who see your site, your blog or your social network page.

Content creation for web environment
Creation of multimedia content (videos, flyers, etc.)
Development of communication strategies
Content management for social networks
Engagement metrics analysis
Detailed Performance Reports
Marketing Support

Increase your Notoriety

Get started today by using our webcasting tools and increase the exposure and reach of your business. Bring in new customers and new markets. Do not let yourself be overtaken by competition.

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