Mix Display Digital Signage

Get your client’s attention

Create your Corporate Communication Network

With our Digital Signage solution you can remotely control one or more screens, transmitting images, video or text. Make better use of your commercial space to convey your message to your customers.

We have multiple Display Solutions

Whatever your business or the configuration of your space, we have a solution that fits your needs

Complete Solution

We have included all the necessary elements, including hardware, software, installation and maintenance


Possibility of using existing equipment or adapting older equipment.

Optimized Management

Intuitive, easy-to-use and multi-level administrative access software


Track and monitor your screens for all usage metrics.

Digital Signage for companies

Offer a new element of interactivity

Seduce your customers with attractive images and videos, capturing your attention to new promotions or information relevant to the buying process.

Increase revenue with a greater stimulus to purchase
Astonish your customers with a differentiating technological solution
Increase customer loyalty with more convenient shopping experience
Make better use of your space, such as places of waiting or passage
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Government Digital Signage

More information and interactivity for citizens and visitors to public spaces

Offer a new dynamic of information to its residents, through a network of displays in strategic locations. It can transmit all necessary and relevant institutional information to each public place, controlling everything through a single location.

Improve communication between the organization and the citizens
Increase the interactivity of the population with the city events
Provide more information in less time
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