This SEO strategy will double your website traffic

Once upon a time, there were ways to play with the SEO system. Tricks, like stuffing your site with high-traffic keywords, trick search engines into referring tons of visitors. Those days are long gone.

Nowadays, SEO is much more sophisticated and is aimed at recognizing the added value of your website, before opening the floodgates.

New search algorithms do not allow for shortcuts. Factors such as keyword density need to be more natural and organic. Most important of all, it is to provide something relevant and useful to the user, otherwise it will not appear on the first pages of Google.

So how do I become relevant?

It has to become a resource. You have to solve problems. You have to become an authority in your niche. Keywords continue to be important but there needs to be quality content related to these words – this will allow you to be much more successful in searches. This is where creating a blog can help.

A blog can help you attract more search traffic, the kind of traffic that converts and creates fans. Social networks are important, but a blog is essential to establish yourself in the market and nurture your audience. From an SEO point of view, a blog is another way to throw more crumbs across the internet that show the way back to your website.

When it comes to blogging best practices, there are a few simple rules to remember.

Write regularly on the Blog

Maybe not daily but at least a few times a week. Search engines like Google like fresh content.

A good way to force yourself to write regularly is to create a blogging schedule. Commit to yourself to write every Monday and Thursday, for example. The longer you do it, the faster you get into the routine and it ends up being easier.

Be original

Find your voice, create fantastic content.

Whatever your niche, there are most likely already several blogs related to the subject. Do not believe me? Type your blog's main topics into Google and get ready to see several pages of blogs dedicated to the same topic. “But then why try?” – you ask. Because none of these people are like you or have exactly the same opinion on the subject.

Don't try to be someone you're not. Don't always write the same subject that is already written in over 100 different sources. If you have a controversial opinion about something it should definitely shake a few boxes in the community, so share it. But don't defend a position you don't truly believe in.

The lifespan of a lying voice is quite short.


Invite experts you know to write on the blog and collaborate. The act of running a blog can be a little lonely, but you can't expect to gain followers if you don't invite them to participate in discussions.

Try appearing as a guest on other blogs too, but be smart about it and follow some basic rules. Yes, you can ask for some backlinks and return the favor. Backlinks are valuable in 2 ways. They invite followers of other blogs that are supposedly covering the same topic to see what you are up to. The second way backlinks are helping you is by giving search engines another way to find you. If you have a backlink on a high-traffic blog, you can gain instant recognition with Google.

A blogger's work is never done.

There is always another subject to write about. You should always be looking for a new useful topic to share with your audience. If you can't find anything, talk about yourself. After all, you are an expert. Explain why you are so passionate about what you write and why something is wrong with how you say this or that.

Kick up some dust. Have a good time. Be yourself. Search engines are listening, and soon everyone else will be listening too.

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