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Our acceptable use policy (PUA)


The AUP defined by Mixlife Lda applies specifically to shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers and server housing services provided by it to its Customers.
The PUA is therefore intended to protect the systems, computer programs and applications, as well as the physical equipment owned by Mixlife Lda, in order to guarantee their technical capacity, availability, security and protection, in strict compliance the duties of professional secrecy and confidentiality are imposed on the company.
Mixlife Lda reserves the right to revise this AUP at any time and without prior notice, and the updated version can be consulted by Customers on the Mixlife Lda Website

I – Network and Systems Security
Customers may not violate in any way the security systems and networks that make up the technical structure of Mixlife Lda, thus being completely prohibited: a)
Access to servers without due and express authorization for the It is made;
b) Automatic detection of services on servers (“Port scan”);
c) Unauthorized searching for vulnerabilities in servers, services and networks.
It is also expressly prohibited to falsify data with the aim of deceiving and/or misleading recipients, namely:
a) Changes in IP addresses (IP Spoofing);
b) Changes in ARP addresses (ARP Spoofing);
c) Changes to email message headers.
Customers are not permitted to intentionally interfere with the proper functioning of servers, services or networks, carrying out, in particular:
a) Overloading actions, which aim to harm the normal functioning of Services (“Denial of Service”);
b) Bulk sending of packages (“Flooding”);
c) Any type of actions with the aim of blocking or disrupting Mixlife Lda service, servers or networks

II- Content
Customers are solely responsible for the content hosted on the servers (shared or dedicated) of Mixlife Lda, and must therefore securely manage their access data, declaring that they recognize and accept that they should not host content, data and/or or information that:
a) Violates intellectual property rights, namely copyright and industrial property rights in general;
b) incite the practice of violence and/or criminal acts;
c) Content considered illegal and/or offensive to good customs;
d) mislead users as to the true identity/authorship/legitimacy of the website in question (“Phishing”);
e) contain viruses, Trojans, Malware or any other type of software that is harmful to users who visit these websites;
f) aim at sharing and/or facilitating the exchange of software or information protected by copyright;
g) allow the use of servers as “Open Relay” or “Open Proxy”;
h) are not duly licensed, if applicable;
i) are out of date or have known flaws that make it possible to exploit them to control the server where they are hosted;
j) aim at or enable the installation of “Proxies” or “NAT”.
k) Aim at or enable the installation of “anonymizers”.
With regard to Shared Server Hosting, as it is a service in which the servers used are shared with more users, any use of CPU (“central processing unit”), disk or memory that could cause an impact is not permitted. negative impact on the performance or quality of the hosting service of other users.

Therefore, the following is not permitted:
a) CPU usage above 25% for more than 90 seconds;
b) The use of more than 100,000 files in the hosting account;
c) The use of shared hosting as a backup device;
d) The use of the hosting service for file sharing;
e) The creation of “Cron Jobs” with intervals of less than 15 minutes;
f) Installation of “peer-to-peer software”;
g) The use of “web spiders” or “indexers”;
h) Exceeding the limit of 600 emails/hour;
i) The creation of databases for the exclusive use of websites hosted on the server.

III – Email and anti-spam policy
The abusive use of email causes damage to the infrastructure of Mixlife Lda, as well as to other users and third parties, directly or indirectly, by jeopardizing the normal functioning of systems and support for the Service in question.
Mixlife Lda considers as SPAM any and all emails sent for commercial purposes and not requested by the recipient, as well as any email that may cause a negative impact on Mixlife Lda's infrastructure or place IPs in the Mixlife Lda's address space on blacklists.

Therefore, it is completely prohibited:
a) Sending SPAM;
b) Sending emails to so-called “SPAMTRAPS”;
c) Mass sending of unsolicited commercial or personal email;
d) Sending emails to those who have expressly requested their cancellation;
e) The use of Mixlife servers as SMTP “Open Proxy” or “Open Relay”;
f) The hosting of pages that provide SPAM services;
g) The hosting of pages advertised through SPAM sent from other networks (“spamvertising”);
h) Any action that places Mixlife Lda's IP address space on blacklists.
Whenever one of the situations mentioned above occurs, Mixlife Lda reserves the right to immediately suspend the hosting service, without the Customer being entitled to a refund of any amount paid in return for the provision of the Service in question.

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