How to improve my Landing Pages in Simple Steps?

Marketing is an area in constant growth and, therefore, has undergone constant changes, forcing companies to adapt.

In this sense, it has become common for certain practices, tools and equipment to become less relevant over time and, therefore, to be changed or abandoned.

Defining and choosing a landing page

Landing pages are an example of a marketing practice that has not been abandoned, instead, a well-created landing page is currently one of the most important factors for converting leads .

Although the traditional model on which landing pages were based has disappeared, what has occurred is a change in the way your landing page should be built (in terms of design, copywriting, etc.).

What should you do?

There are currently some essential factors that your landing page must meet in order to increase your number of leads and convert leads into customers , such as: interactive and relevant content, appropriate and creative design and capturing interest.

An example of a widely used tactic for capturing leads is customers an offer in exchange for basic contact information (e- email, for example).

Later, the data collected can be used to contact the person and try to convert them into a customer through the sales funnel.

With this in mind, we will present you 10 of the best practices that you can implement so that you can create an ideal landing page for your business and target audience and, as such, increase your conversion rate:

  1. Keep your landing pages in line with your strategy objectives.
  2. Keep your landing page simple and easy to understand.
  3. Give importance to the title.
  4. Make sure the design is simple, intuitive and captures attention.
  5. Place images on your landing pages (also applies to other pages on the website).
  6. Develop captivating writing.
  7. Make interactivity a priority.
  8. Keep your landing page updated.
  9. Show your customers that they can trust you.
  10. Ensure your page loads quickly.

1. Keep your landing pages in line with your strategy objectives

First of all, when implementing a digital strategy, it is extremely important that your efforts are in sync with each other.

Why? Well, because consumers who interact with your landing pages will eventually have already read your content or seen your design on at least one of the platforms they use, before arriving at your landing page.

Therefore, it is mandatory that the language, tone and design of your page are consistent with the rest of your brand image.

Your landing page must be tailored to what customers are looking for and want to know.

2. Keep your landing page simple and easy to understand

Most people who interact with your brand are not looking for extensive reading and explanation. They only look for information that satisfies their curiosity.

Therefore, try to keep your landing pages as simple as possible, so as not to lose their purpose and interest.

Ask visitors for their basic information and resist the urge to include too many extra fields.

You should also make sure that your website (and subsequently, your landing pages) is well optimized for both computers and mobile devices.

3. Give importance to the title

The title of a landing page will be the first and perhaps even the only thing a visitor will read.

The quality of your title will define whether your visitor will continue reading your offers or abandon your page.

If you ensure that visitors clearly know what they can get from you, from the moment they arrive and read the title, the chances of engagement become higher.

Therefore, try to create an appealing title, clear, concise and focused on the benefits that your customer can obtain.

4. Make sure the design is simple, intuitive and captures attention

In fact, some websites make the mistake of carrying out a very heavy and complex design, which leaves visitors confused.

You should avoid having a website that is disorganized, with colors that are not in line with the brand, with too many extras, or that is overly stimulating.

Your design should be pleasant, well organized, clear and concrete.

Your landing page must be easy to read and navigate to provide a positive experience for your users.

5. Place images on your landing pages (also applies to other pages on the website)

You've probably noticed that any page on a website that doesn't include images becomes “empty”, less credible, more boring and retains little of your attention.

These feelings are also experienced by your audience .

Therefore, you must place at least one image on your pages, including on your landing pages (given their importance). You must choose an image, graphic, gif, video, etc., that is relevant to your content and your visitors.

Then, test some options and choose the one that best appeals to your audience's emotions. Try to show them how they might feel and the benefits of giving your service or product a chance.

6. Develop captivating writing

After capturing your visitor's attention, through a good and attractive title and design, the next step is to keep their attention.

This way, the body of your text should not be boring or not very relevant. It must rather be informative, relevant, interesting, dynamic, concise and enlightening.

Remember that the goal is to provide the information you promised to your customers through the channels that led them to your landing page and lead them to take specific actions (which change according to your own goals).

7. Make interactivity a priority

Nowadays, it takes more than a well-executed copy and design to keep an increasingly impatient audience interested in your offers.

People are increasingly looking for something new and fun, making interactivity increasingly important.

Therefore, try to find ways to create creative and interactive landing pages that not only capture but keep your visitors interested and interacting with your brand.

By doing so, you increase the chances of people clicking on your calls to action (CTA) and remembering you and your content.

8. Keep your landing page updated

Keeping your web pages up to date, including your landing pages, is extremely important for both your visitors and Google (SEO).

If you stay aware of digital changes, you don't need to change many aspects to be successful.

However, it is important that you update the main elements of your pages, such as calls to action (CTA), content, colors, graphics and images, in accordance with new trends and changes in algorithms .

9. Show your customers they can trust you

Currently, consumers have more and more choices that allow them to solve their problems and are increasingly suspicious, critical and discriminatory.

Therefore, it is more difficult to have customers who trust you and see your business as the solution to satisfy their needs than at any other time.

Your visitors will not provide you with their information (contact, payment, etc.) without first understanding whether they can and whether it is worth trusting you!

Therefore, your content must be truthful and your company must be able to meet the expectations you give your visitors.

What's more, one of the biggest current trends is researching feedback from other customers who have already used your products or services.

Therefore, if you have positive feedback and testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your business, place them on your website , in a visible place.

By doing so, your customers will have a kind of “proof” that your services are good and worth it.

10. Ensure your page loads quickly

Lastly, you need to ensure that your landing page is not too slow.

As mentioned, the population's patience and attention span is increasingly reduced.

Therefore, according to Google, companies should aim to make their pages load in 2 seconds or less . If not, your bounce rate is likely to rise.

Finally, it is important to mention that you should be especially careful with files that are too large, large quantities of images and too much content, as this can slow down your page and make you lose customers.

Creating landing pages that captivate visitors, generate leads, and transform your leads into customers is not an easy task, as it requires several theoretical skills and a lot of practice.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you have been able to better understand some of the practices you can use on your landing pages to achieve better results.

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