An Innovative way for a citizen to communicate with his / her local authority

An efficient and Transparent way of Comunication

Listen more and better to the needs, complaints and suggestions of citizens, is the best way to increase the satisfaction of the entire population of the municipality.

Support and communication

What are the advantages?

With the IMIX SUPPORT CITY COUNCIL platform, it is possible to substantially improve the speed of communication between the municipality and the municipality, not only increasing the transparency of the municipality’s communication with its citizens, but also its efficiency.

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Direct communication between the citizen and the local authority (suggestions, complaints, doubts, etc.);

Customized communications form with subject routing;

Internal routing of citizen communications;

Notification of new communications via email;

Registration and history of all communications;

Monitoring, at all times, the state of the process, by the citizen;

Notifications on your smartphone.

Optimization & Organization

Increase the productivity of the members of the municipality, with a system of organization and scheduling of projects, events and meetings.

Schedule of events and meetings;
Assignment of events to specific members;
Alerts and notifications in email and smartphone;
Registration of communications;
Projects with budgets, stakeholders and objectives;
Definition of deadlines and targets to be met.

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