This SEO Strategy will double your Website Traffic!

There used to be many ways to trick the SEO System. Tricks such as stuffing your website with high-traffic keywords, fooled the search engines into routing tons of visitors. Those days are long gone!

These days, SEO is so much sophisticated and is oriented towards to recognized your website highlights, before opening the gates.

New search algorithms don’t allow shortcuts. Issues such as keywords density should be more natural and organic. Providing relevant and useful inputs to users is the most important task, otherwise your brand is not going to show up of the first pages of Google.

So how do i become relevant?

You need to become a source. You need to solve problems. You need to become an authority in your niche. Keywords are still important but having quality content related to those same keywords are more important, which will allow much more success when users search something related to your area of expertise. This is where a blog can help your business

A blog can help you attracting more search traffic, the kind of traffic that converts and creates fans. Social networks are very important, although having a blog is essential to establish your brand in the market and fuel your audience curiosity about you. From a SEO point of view, a blog is another way to leave your digital footprint that show the way back to your website.

Regarding blogging best practices, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind:

Write on a regular basis in the Blog

Maybe not daily, but at least a few times per week. Search Engines such as Google like fresh content.

A good way to keep writing regulary is making a schedule for your blog’s content. Commit yourself writing every Monday and Thursday, for example. The longer you do it, the faster you get into the routine and it gets easier.

Be Original

Find your own voice and build amazing content.

Whatever your niche is, is more than likely to exist several blogs related to the same subject as yours. Still hard to believe? Write the main topics of your blog on Google and be ready to seeseveral blog pages related to the same subject. “Why even try then?” – you ask. Because none of those people are like you or have the same opinion as you about the subject.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t write about the same thing over and over again that is already written about in 100 different sources. If you have a controversial opinion about something, that should certainly shake some trees, so share it! But do not stand for something you do not truly believe.

The lifetime of a lying voice is too short.


Invite experts from your acquaintances to write on your blog and cooperate with them. Running a blog can be a little bit lonely, but you cannot expect getting followers if you don’t invite them to join in discussions.

Try to guest post on other blogs too, but be clever about it and follow the basics rules. Yes, you can ask for a few backlinks and return the favor Backlinks are valuable in 2 ways. They invite followers of other blogs that supposedly are covering the same topic to see what you are doing. The second way backlinks help you is by giving search engine another way to find you. If you have a backlink on a high-traffic blog, you can gain instant recognition with Google.

A Blogger’s work is never done.

There is always a new subject to talk about. Search for a new topic that can be useful to share with your target audience. And if you don’t find anything, write about yourself. After all, you are an expert. Explain why you are so passionate about what you write and why something is wrong when someone says this or that.

Shake some trees. Have fun. Be yourself. Search Engines are listening too, and when you less expect, eveyone will listen too.

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